Busy Couples Date Night Ideas

This article was originally printed on page 14 in South Jersey Mom magazine‘s February 2015 issue!

Let’s face it, parenting leaves little room for couple time. Date night requires time, energy and money, right? Not necessarily. With a little creativity (and I mean little), you can find ways to intimately connect and share fun adult experiences together.

Your relationship, like your children, deserves your attention. To jump start your dates, here is a list of 15 date night ideas. Some of these dates simply add something extra special to the “standard”, while others require a little advanced planning. To avoid babysitting costs, these dates can be implemented after the kids go to sleep!

  • Friday Night Champagne and Popcorn: On Friday nights at 8:00, my retired in-laws would drink champagne, eat popcorn and watch TV in bed. So simple.
  • No Tech Tuesday: One of my couple clients said they love the space this provides midweek…an opportunity to turn off technology and turn on conversation.
  • Food/Wine Tasting: Choose 3-4 varieties of cheese/fruit paired with wine and indulge in the sensory experience.
  • Sunday Spa Night: Soak in the tub together and talk before the week gets hectic…bubbles required!
  • Saturday Night Comedy: Laughter is bonding! Watch a stand-up comedy hour, a comedy roast and/or a marathon of your favorite funny shows.
  • Picnic At-Home: Throw a blanket on the floor, some special treats and beverages – if you have a fireplace, even better.
  • Plan Your Next Vacation: …And then book it! It doesn’t have to be lavish – a long weekend, an overnight, with or without kids, up to you. Just do it.
  • Ice Cream Sunday Night: Not just for kids, be sure to include all the super yummy, gooey fixin’s! If you prefer healthy, create a yogurt parfait!
  • Double Date Night: Have another couple over but keep it simple. Play games, share food, enjoy adult conversation.
  • Foot Massage: Include a warm foot soak first, followed by massage oils. Take turns on different nights, one partner Friday, the other on Saturday.
  • Poker Night: Play real poker! Include fun snacks, music and beverages.
  • Music Night – Music playlists are not just for teens! Spend an evening making playlists together for your music library.
  • Dark Chocolate/Glass of wine: Consume these while lounging in bed together. Super fun and super sexy!
  • Restaurant At Home: We recently ordered in, put candles on the table and played sexy jazz music. Better than a restaurant!
  • His/Her Choice Night – Bring mystery to your date night. One of you gets to be in charge for the evening – anything goes!

Couples develop an intimacy deficit when they solely focus on the kids and forget to feed their own relationship. Intimacy does not require a lot of time or money, simply the conscious intention and plan to connect. When you feed your relationship, your children reap the benefits!