woman and man with therapist

Every couple’s therapist knows that when a couple walks through the door for therapy, chances are that one partner wants to be there and the other one doesn’t.

It’s ok, we’re not offended! We’re also not surprised.

Take Lori and Jordan for example. After years of struggle with their sex life, Lori got online and looked up “sex therapist near me”.

She tried to encourage Jordan to research online counseling but Jordan spent far less time on it than she did. Lori made the initial call to us and booked their first appointment. Jordan reluctantly attended the first session.

Believe it or not, I see value in both Lori and Jordan’s perspectives.

It makes sense that Lori would have confidence in a qualified professional to support them. It also makes sense that Jordan would initially be skeptical of placing his precious marriage in the hands of a stranger.

It took time before Jordan became comfortable with the process of sharing their relationship and sexual history with me. But with time and support, Jordan began to trust the process. They worked through their sexual misunderstandings and created a meaningful sex life together.

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