How to Deal with Bullying: Lead by Example

The theme of bullying has come across my path more times than I wish to recount. On NPR, an author promoted her book on new research regarding cyber-bullying. On Facebook, several Youtube videos on bullying popped up, painfully describing the stories of victims and their resiliency. A while back, ♥️ READ MORE

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Why Your Relationship Disappoints You

John and Kim came into therapy due to financial differences. Partnered for many years, they kept separate bank accounts. John always thought they would join their bank accounts but Kim assumed they would always keep finances separate. Sara and Joe were married for three years and had an active sex ♥️ READ MORE

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How to Answer Your Child When They Ask Anatomy Questions

What do you say when your young child asks anatomy questions? As I dressed for my day, my inquisitive 4-year-old son rolled his toy car around on the carpet floor and glanced at my body. He can easily identify my vulva, breasts, and butt along with my arms, belly, ♥️ READ MORE

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