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What Sex-Ed Didn’t Teach You

Wouldn’t it be great if our parents and the systems at large helped us learn, at an early age,  about how to be in a sexual relationship with someone else?

In couples and sex therapy, the majority of individuals and couples that we work with tell us that their parents never talked to them about sex when they were kids. Most bawk at the sex-ed programs held in school. 

Those that received sex ed in school, learned about the anatomy of sex, puberty and STDs.

No one ever taught them about how to be in a sexual relationship with another.  

Sexual feelings typically start during puberty. Yet it’s in those years that adults often turn away from the subject of sex – due to their own discomforts and inhibitions. It’s an “I don’t want to know about it, la la la” attitude that fails all of us as adolescents. Then, as adults, we wonder why the heck we feel so awkward just talking about sex, let alone engaging in it. 

Healthy sexuality stretches far beyond physical anatomy and sexual diseases. It involves understanding your own sexual identity and what it means to be in a sexual relationship – whether that’s a long-term relationship or a one-night stand. 

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