Overcome The Three Main Barriers To Date Night

One of the greatest hurdles couples with small children face is carving out couple time. Amongst the many responsibilities of daily life, date night (like sex) definitely takes the back burner. Like many of you, I too, have not always prioritized date night. In my own experience, here are the [...]

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On Marriage, Parenting and Intentional Living

Parenting, Marriage, Other Notes... This past Easter Sunday, my spouse and kids, now 3 and 6 years old, spent a relaxing, ease-full day at home. No fancy dress up, no complicated dinner, no company to entertain. Just our little quad - total bliss. While we intentionally downplayed the holiday, I [...]

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At-Home Date Night Guide for Busy, Tired Couples

This article was originally printed on page 14 in South Jersey Mom magazine's February 2015 issue! Let’s face it, parenting leaves little room for couple time. Date night requires time, energy and money, right? Not necessarily. With a little creativity (and I mean little), you can find ways to intimately connect and [...]

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Through a Mindful Eye

Children naturally embody the magic of wonder and present-centered awareness. I see this everyday in my kids as they demonstrate their fascination with the "ordinary". Simple things like intensely studying how the cabinet door opens and closes or how the soap makes bubbles on their hands as they wash. My [...]

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Lead by Example

The theme of bullying has come across my path several times over the past week. A few days ago, on NPR, an author promoted her book on new research regarding cyber-bullying. On Facebook, several you-tube videos on bullying popped up, painfully describing the stories of victims and their resiliency. Last [...]

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