How a Sexless Marriage Makes You Feel

For anyone in a long term relationship, we all know that sex ebbs and flows. We have periods where it amps up. Other times, it’s like we’re in a sexual drought.

As in, not a single, solitary, sexy thought enters your head or the head of your partner.

The ebb and flow are normal.

But when a lack of sex becomes chronic, meaning, having sex less than 12 times per year (yes, that’s considered a sexless marriage), a whole host of feelings begins to set in.

Think about it. When sex is abundant, fun, and satisfying, you feel like you’re on top of the world, right?

You can conquer anything! You have a skip in your step!

Why? When you enjoy sex with your partner, you activate all the right “feel good” chemicals in your brain. Everything from oxytocin to dopamine to endorphins, that send your body singing.

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