Relationship Maintenance

I recently received a call from a former couple that I worked with. They said, “Can we come back in for a few sessions? We need a tune-up!”

Relationships require a certain level of maintenance. Just like a car requires standard maintenance a few times a year, well, your relationship does too.

Unfortunately, so many couples misconstrue this reality. 

Have you ever had thoughts like this?

Here is a list of mistaken beliefs that many couples think when it comes to relationship maintenance and nurturing:

  • If we have to work at it, then something is wrong.
  • I shouldn’t have to tell him what I need, he should just know!
  • Sex should just happen, we shouldn’t have to talk about it.
  • She should know I love her, why should I have to say it all the time?
  • Isn’t it obvious that I appreciate what he does?
  • Why do I have to thank him for picking up the kids? He’s supposed to do that.
  • We’ve been together 30 years, isn’t it clear that I’m not going anywhere?
  • We have sex at least once a week, clearly she’s satisfied.
  • Yes, I work late a lot but he understands.  If he was unhappy, he’d tell me.

Do you see the pattern here? 

These simple statements show us a series of common thoughts that can become relationship poison.

Let me show you what lurks beneath them.

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