Behaviors That Might Drain Your Relationship

Behaviors that Drain Your Relationship When problems start in relationships, it’s easy to point fingers, blame our partners, and focus solely on their shortcomings.  “If you would just ___________ (fill in the blank), we’d be great!” As I’ve written many times before, one partner typically wants to “fix” ♥️ READ MORE

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Relationship Maintenance: Is It Time for a Tune Up?

Relationship Maintenance I recently received a call from a former couple that I worked with. They said, “Can we come back in for a few sessions? We need a tune-up!” Relationships require a certain level of maintenance. Just like a car requires standard maintenance a few times a ♥️ READ MORE

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How to Heal Your Relationship After a Betrayal

Healing After Infidelity and Betrayal We see lots of couples in the practice because of infidelity, affairs, cheating and/or betrayal. In these deeply painful experiences, couples not only struggle with the most fundamental concept of commitment but also with attempting to maintain their love during their crisis. When ♥️ READ MORE

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The Secret Behind Your Sexless Marriage

Are you living in a sexless marriage?  Perhaps you’re one of those couples that from the outside everything looks picture-perfect, but you carry a secret that no one knows about.  You and your partner don’t touch each other, you don’t get intimate with each other, and you don’t have ♥️ READ MORE

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Overcome Boredom in Your Relationship

Are you bored in your relationship? Does your relationship make you want to yawn?  Does it feel like Relationship Groundhog Day?  Same routine, same activities, same restaurants, etc. It's what happens to most couples when their days become Life Management 101.  All about routines, schedules, structures.  Don't get me ♥️ READ MORE

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How Childhood Trauma Affects Adult Relationships

How childhood trauma affects adult relationships Do you fear that your past shows up in your current relationship? Maybe statements like: “I don’t know how to trust, it’s not safe”, “I don’t know when to reach out, I don’t want to be a burden to anyone”, or perhaps “I ♥️ READ MORE

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