No Sex During the Pandemic? {Why Your Libido Took a Nosedive}

Why couples aren't having sex during the pandemic I recently had a “socially distanced” coffee date with a friend.  We talked about the impact of CoVid on our work, kids and families. As we wrapped up, she added, “And let’s face it, no one is having sex. I ♥️ READ MORE

No Sex During the Pandemic? {Why Your Libido Took a Nosedive}2022-09-05T11:53:50+00:00

The Secret Behind Your Sexless Marriage

Are you living in a sexless marriage?  Perhaps you’re one of those couples that from the outside everything looks picture-perfect, but you carry a secret that no one knows about.  You and your partner don’t touch each other, you don’t get intimate with each other, and you don’t have ♥️ READ MORE

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Overcome Boredom in Your Relationship

Are you bored in your relationship? Does your relationship make you want to yawn?  Does it feel like Relationship Groundhog Day?  Same routine, same activities, same restaurants, etc. It's what happens to most couples when their days become Life Management 101.  All about routines, schedules, structures.  Don't get me ♥️ READ MORE

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